• Adult Gymnastics Class

    Adult Gymnastics class returns from it’s summer break on Thursday 21st September 8.20 – 9.35pm.Read on to find out more about this fun class! Who is adult gymnastics class for? Men and women aged 18+ with a sense of fun, adventure and looking to try something new and different! Who does adult gymnastics class? Our current

  • Parent & Toddler Sessions

    Our very popular Parent and Toddler sessions start back after the summer break on the 6th September at 1pm. These 55 minute sessions allow your child to discover the world of gymnastics with you by their side. You will enjoy unstructured play in a friendly setting with coach guidance on hand. Places are limited and

  • FAQ: All You Need to Know for September

    We have put together the following information from the most frequently asked questions to give you all you need to know ahead of attending class in September – a handy lot of info for new members and a refresher for our returning members. Class Specifics What day/time is my child’s class on at? As you

  • August Summer Classes

    August Summer Classes

    Our Summer Program for 2017 is now live and available to book. The popular program features weekly summer camps and classes. Receive a 5% discount when booking more than one class/camp, to avail of this discount your items must be booked in the one transaction. Classes are a great way for members to keep up

  • Pre-School Gymnastics Classes

    Pre-School Gymnastics Classes

    Gymnastics has numerous benefits for all ages, especially for pre-school children, including physical, cognitive and psychological benefits. Skills children gain from participation in gymnastics will continue benefiting them throughout their lives. Physical Benefits An increase in muscular strength, flexibility and endurance The ability to relax Correct body alignment while walking, standing, jumping etc. The knowledge of

  • Book places for September 2017

    Places will be available to book for Term 1 beginning in September on Thursday July 20th. We have compiled the following information below to help you in your booking, please read carefully. In 2016 our website crashed due to the sheer traffic of people trying to book places, for this reason and to avoid any major