• Book places for September 2017

    Places will be available to book for Term 1 beginning in September on Thursday July 20th. We have compiled the following information below to help you in your booking, please read carefully.

    In 2016 our website crashed due to the sheer traffic of people trying to book places, for this reason and to avoid any major disruption we will not be announcing a specific time. Places will be released at some time during the morning, please check back on the website periodically.

    What places do you have available for starting in September 2017?
    The majority of places on offer are only for children with experience. This is because we hold a very high member retention rate meaning we cannot create new classes. There will be places for beginners but not a lot. Please read further down as you can sign up to summer camps/classes before September to gain experience ahead of Term 1.

    Are these the only places available? Will you be adding more?
    These are the only places currently available. We may have additional places available in September for beginners.

    Can I email/phone to be put on a waiting list?
    Please do not email or phone looking for places other than these, we also do not hold a waiting list. Please send us an email with any alternate queries but if an age group/beginners group is not listed, we do not have places available at the moment.

    Why do these places require experience?
    Some places require previous gymnastics experience as we cannot put new gymnasts in with a group of gymnasts who have been taking part in classes for a longer period of time. We strive to keep our groups streamed to ability and age level where possible.

    What counts as experience?
    Classes in Bar Monkey, gymnastics in a Crossfit setting, gymnastics in PE lessons or self taught does not qualify as having experience to join our classes. Experience must have been at Sugarloaf Gymnastics camps/classes or at  another gymnastics club, experience and skills will be checked to see if gymnast is a suitable fit. If not, a refund will be processed and you will have to start the booking process from the beginning.

    How do I know if my child matches the experience criteria?
    You can sign into your Easy Payments Account and check how many camps/terms they have done. One 4 day camp is 12 hours, which is equivalent to one term with Sugarloaf Gymnastics.

    Can I do more camps before starting in September?
    Yes, you can book the place for starting in September and also book more camps or classes in our summer program in the mean time to make up the experience. All experience prior to September 1st will count. Info on our Summer Program can be found here. All days of the camps/classes must be attended to count towards experience.

    Can I add my child to your waiting list?
    We do not hold a waiting list, places are on a first come, first book basis.

    You don’t have many places for boys?

    We are predominantly a girls club (or Women’s Artistic Gymnastics WAG ) meaning that we have all 4 WAG apparatus, Uneven Bars, Floor, Vault and Beam but do not have all 6 Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) apparatus (High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Still Rings) so cannot offer a full boys program. As a result we have a much lower in take of boys classes than girls as we can only coach boys at a basic recreational level.

    At what age can children start?

    Girls born in 2014 can begin this September as long as they have turned three. Boys must be born in 2013. All children must be fully toilet trained, no nappies allowed and must be able to toilet and dress themselves.

    Key Information to assist you in your booking:

    • The column on the left lists details the class day,time, year of birth & whether experience is required. Column on the right lists the term dates, cost and the amount of experience required (if any).
    • Follow the steps very carefully. We have a detailed breakdown below.
    • We strongly advise to use a personal email address – not a work email address to, company servers often block our emails. Ensure the spelling is correct.
    • For any issues with credit card acceptance contact Easy Payments Plus, SG cannot help you with this: 01 2393254
    • Best results for booking have proven to be on a computer rather than iPad/phone.
    • If your choice comes back with a message stating that it is unavailable, this class is now full.
    • Ensure to select “allow text ” and “allow email” to receive important communication from us, no advertising or spam will be sent.
    • There is a 5% discount available for siblings attending from the same family, this is automatically calculated but must be in the one transaction.


    A Step-By-Step Guide to booking your place using Easy Payments Plus

    Step 1
    Click on the Pay Now Button at the bottom of the page or at the bottom of the “Current Availability” page

    Step 2
    Find the listing you wish to book and click “Add to Bill”

    Step 3
    If you have an existing Easy Payments Plus (EPP) account, sign in and proceed as normal. If you do not, select “no”on the question “do you have an Easy Payments Plus Account?” and fill in the required details.


    Step 4
    You may be prompted to search for the organisation you are wishing to make payment to. Search “SUG”.

    Step 5
    EPP works similar to systems used by schools, register yourself first, then your gymnast. Fill all of the information in correctly and in full. Please include the correct emergency contact number. In case of injury/illness we need to be able to contact you.

    Step 6
    At the bottom of the page you will be prompted to agree to 2 very important conditions which must be respected and complied with. We also recommend that you tick to receive texts/emails from us. No spam or advertising is sent via these forms of communication.

    Step 7
    Enter the gymnasts details. Medical information is particularly important, whether it is learning difficulties or a relevant medical condition. If you would like to give us more information on a condition please email info[@]sugarloafgymnastics.ie following your booking. Clear details of experience must be given. “Yes” is not sufficient information.

    Step 8
    From this screen click “proceed to payment”. If wishing to add another class booking for another child you will need to add their details also, click “Add more items”

    Step 9
    You will now enter into the payment section, follow the steps carefully. You must agree to the Terms and Conditions laid out by Sugarloaf Gymnastics and the waiver from our governing body Gymnastics Ireland before being able to proceed.

    A receipt then appears on screen confirming your child’s place. A copy of this is also emailed to you instantly, please check your junk mail if you did not receive this. Contained in this is a link to our Starter Pack FAQ which has all of the information you need for beginning, please read this carefully in preparation before your first day.


    Our FAQ has many other frequently asked questions which may help you – click here.

    Please make yourself familiar with our Club Policies & Rules – click here.

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