29 Nov 2017 – 1 Dec 2017 all-day

Term 1 ends today for all Wednesday/ Thursday/ Friday recreational members:

Wednesday: 2pm, 2.55pm, 6.35pm

Term 2 runs to March 14th. Term 3 begins immediately afterwards on March 21st.

No Classes:

  • 27th December
  • 3rd January
  • 14th February

Thursday: 2pm, 2.55pm, 4pm, 5.05pm, 6.10pm

Term 2 runs to March 22nd. Term 3 begins after the Easter midterm break on April 12th.

No Classes:

  • 21st December
  • 28th December
  • 4th January
  • 15th February
  • 29th March
  • 5th April


Friday: 1pm, 1.50pm, 3pm, 4.05pm, 5.10pm, 6.15pm

Term 2 runs to March 23rd. Term 3 begins after the Easter midterm break on April  13th.

No Classes:

  • 22nd December
  • 29th December
  • 5th January
  • 16th February
  • 30th March 
  • 6th April

Please make a note of these dates in your diaries, unfortunately we are not in a position to send reminders via text or email. Reminders will be posted on our Facebook page here.