1. Ensure all children go to the toilet prior to class, as toilet breaks can be disruptive.
  2. Gymnasts must arrived dressed & ready for class bringing as little as possible.
  3.  If you have a query regarding your gymnasts progress please email info[@] and we will come back to you with information from their coach.
  4. We ask that you do not approach coaches who are teaching class. Please speak to the coaches at the very beginning or end of class as the gymnasts require our full attention. If you wish to discuss something in length, please email and we can arrange a phone call or another suitable time to talk as we want to maximise our time with the gymnasts during class time.
  5. Term dates are included in your term renewal email, this gives a link to the calendar on our website. Make a note of these dates, no reminders will be sent by text or email, it is your responsibility record these dates. Make yourself familiar with both the calendar and news section of our website.
  6. Any members on medication (such as inhalers or Anapen’s) or suffering from a medical condition/learning difficulty must disclose this information upon registering for class.
  7. Members with a current injury (received from outside gymnastics) must let a coach know prior to attending class, likewise any injuries sustained in class must be reported to their coach at the time of happening.
  8. SG cannot be responsible for gymnasts waiting in the arrival area / outside when it is outside of their own designated class time.
  9. We cannot be responsible for friends/siblings wanting to wait during class time, please do not leave anyone in the arrival area to watch class.
  10. Gymnasts must be picked up on time, particularly at the last class of the evening where a late pick up charge will apply. €5 for the first 10 mins and €10 per every 10 mins that follow.
  11. No videos or photos of the gymnasts are allowed to be taken while they are in class without express permission from staff.
  12. All members and their Parents/Guardians are expected to show respect and courtesy towards the staff. Abuse of any type or form will not be tolerated. Verbal, emotional or physical of staff will result in a members immediate expulsion from SG.


  1. No cycling, skating, scootering, dog walking is permitted.
  2. Playing on the green areas is not permitted.
  3. Parking is only permitted in Sugarloaf Gymnastics labelled spaces
  4. It is forbidden to park in the spaces of AJ Products and PWL.
  5. Families must leave promptly after class to reduce traffic congestion.
  6. Families must leave immediately after evening classes as the security barrier will close 5 mins after class ends.
  7. Parents must not congregate upon drop off/collection.


  1. In the interest of safety, members are strictly prohibited from using the equipment other than during their designated class time or unless approved by a member of staff.
  2. No parents are to remain inside the training centre during class time unless specifically asked by a coach. It has been proven that a much better response from children is possible when a parent is not present.
  3. Gymnasts may not leave the training centre until a parent/guardian has arrived for collection. Gymnasts with parental permission to walk home must email this confirmation to info[@]
  4. All members are expected to show respect and courtesy towards their coaches and fellow gymnasts. Bad behaviour of any type will result in a meeting/phone call with a parent/guardian and further discussion of the issue.
  5. Bullying of any kind (including online) is not tolerated and will be dealt with immediately.
  6. Abuse of any type or form will not be tolerated. Verbal, emotional, digital or physical of other members or staff will result in immediate expulsion from SG.
  7. Whilst it is not compulsory, gymnasts can bring a drink to class, should they need one. We recommend water, fizzy drinks are not permitted nor are chewing gum, lollipops, sweets and popcorn inside the front door.
  8. All children attending classes are asked to help tidy the gym at the end of class, this is expected from all gymnasts. It creates a good sense of responsibility and good work ethic.
  9. Ensure your gymnast wears the appropriate attire. Jeans, tights or skirts are not suitable for gymnasts. More on what to wear can be found here.
  10. Hair should be neatly tied back and all jewellery, including fitness trackers removed.
  11. Do not bring any valuables to class. We cannot be responsible for electronics or money going missing.
  12. All equipment must be treated with respect and not purposely damaged in anyway.