Joining and General Enquiries

Click here to view the places we have currently available in our classes. Places are listed by day, time, age group and experience. Upon booking, if your required age group returns to you as “unavailable”, this class is currently full. This is on a first come, first book basis. We run our Recreational and Mini Gym classes through 3 terms between September and June. We continue to enrol during each term should places become available.


We do not hold a waiting list. All places are available on a first come, first book basis.  Check our booking page regularly to view places on offer.

The below fees are current as of September 2021. We operate on a term fees system, terms are between 10 – 12 weeks depending on the class day (taking school holidays and bank holidays into account. Pay per class is not an option.

  • 45 mins class = €10
  • 1 hour class = €11
  • 1 hr 15 mins class = €12.50
  • 1 hr 30 mins class = €14.50
  • 2 hour class = €16.50

Combined with this is a compulsory annual Gymnastics Ireland membership and insurance fee valid from September 1st – August 31st.


Those listed are the places we currently have in new groups or following re-registration from our current members. Some listings require previous gymnastics experience as we cannot put new gymnasts in with a group of gymnasts who have been taking parting classes for a longer period of time. We strive to keep our groups streamed to ability and age level where possible. Suitability for these classes require that gymnasts have coached experience in another gymnastics club or is a returning member.

From age 3.5 for girls and 4 years old for boys, all of these classes are drop off only, parents do not stay on site, we have your contact details should there be an emergency. It has been proven that a much better response from children is possible when a parent is not present. Please note that coaches are not permitted in the bathroom with children, so they must be able to do this themselves in order to participate in classes and camps, ensure children go before class. Due to Covid restrictions we are not able to run our Parent & Toddler sessions.

We are located at Unit C2 Network Enterprise Park, Kilcoole on our full time training centre. When coming through Kilcoole village, continue down passed Sea road. At Colaiste Craobh Abhann secondary school, take the left turn where there is a very large sign  labelled “Network Enterprise Park”, continue down the road and take the right turn into the business park. You can find us on Google Maps here.


Yes – camps, workshops and classes can be booked by clicking here. We are not currently running camps at the Halloween Midterm, only Easter and Summer.

Yes we do take boys for classes, however we are predominantly a girls club (or Women’s Artistic Gymnastics WAG ) meaning that we have all 4 WAG apparatus, Uneven Bars, Floor, Vault and Beam but do not have all 6 Men’s Artistic Gymnastics (MAG) apparatus (High Bar, Parallel Bars, Pommel Horse, Still Rings) so cannot offer a full boys program. As a result we have a much lower in take of boys classes than girls as we can only coach boys at a basic recreational level. We are happy to refer boys to the closest clubs specialising in MAG.

When booking for a new place or re-enrolling please ensure to note down the dates in your diary for the class term which is available on our calendar. Reminders of days off will be posted on our Facebook page. Click on the class description to be redirected to the calendar. For term 1 dates click into September, for Term 2 click into November/December.


We pride ourselves in having a strong team of staff members with a wealth of experience and qualifications. Our coaches level of knowledge is continually added to, by studying, researching and attending courses, seminars and work shops, so that an improved service may be provided.

Yes, in order to be affiliated under Gymnastics Ireland as a coach, all of our coaches must be Garda Vetted. These Coaches have also attended  the Sport Ireland Child Welfare and Safe Guarding course.

A number of our coaches are qualified in Occupational First Aid.

In accordance with Gymnastics Ireland Child protection guidelines, we are required to have an appointed Child Liason Officer assigned to the club. This is currently Martina Johnston. Details of the position can be seen on the Gymnastics Ireland website here. You can read all about our Child Welfare and Protection Policies here.

Class Information

For girls leotards are preferable but not mandatory. They can be sourced easily online or alternatively we stock our own range of custom made leotards which can be viewed on our Merchandise page. These can be purchased in the gym in advance of class.  Girls may wear a fitted t-shirt, leggings and no jewellery, fitness trackers must be remove. Hair must be tied up for both girls and boys with long hair. Boys may wear shorts or fitted tracksuit bottoms and a t-shirt. For Health and Safety reasons socks are not permitted to be worn during class.  We recommend the following websites for purchasing leotards: The Zone, Quatro, Amazon, Milano Pro Sport. Please do not put younger gymnasts in leotards if they will not be able to manage them while going to the toilet themselves.

You will receive emails and notifications on your childs progress through our online payment system, letting you know when your child has mastered a skill on their Level skill tree.  If you wish to discuss something in length, please email and we can arrange a phone call or another suitable time to talk as we want to maximise our time with the gymnasts during class time.

Please arrive no earlier than 5 minutes before class, likewise do not arrive to collect the gymnasts more than 5 minutes before their class finishes. Parking in the business park is very limited and we operate a quick and swift drop off and collection, please only park in spaces with a Sugarloaf Gymnastics sign marked on them, you will be asked to move your car if parked in another company’s space.  Gymnasts must take part in the warm up in order to be able to take part in class.  Gymnasts may not be dropped off early and left un-attended, equally gymnasts must not be collected late – coaches will generally have another class to teach and cannot look after anyone who is collected late –  we must be contacted if you are running late to pick your gymnast up.

It is very important that we know if your child has any special needs such as a physical disability or behavioural such as ADHD, selective mutism or medical needs such as asthma etc. This gives your child the best opportunity to have a happy, successful gym session as coaches can cater to their needs.

We do not offer make up classes.

The majority of communication from us will be via email, we advise not using a work email address as these tend to block our emails. We suggest saving  jamie[@] and termfees[@] into your contacts otherwise our emails are likely to end up in your spam inbox. Payment information for our terms are sent via email.

We are frequently active on our Facebook Page  and Instagram Page posting reminders of dates off, news, camp and availability announcements. We recommend that you “like” our pages.

For all classes of all ages parents do not stay, we find that a better response is received from the children if parents are not present. Under Sport Ireland’s current Covid 19 safety advice parents cannot enter the building so all classes are drop and go at the door. Currently parents drop and collect to/from a coach at the door who brings the gymnasts out.



As little as possible!Gymnasts should bring a water to class, especially those in 2 hour and 3 hour classes. For camps gymnasts should bring a drink and small healthy snack – no popcorn and nothing containing peanuts are allowed. As pick up and drop off times are extremely busy, we recommend bringing as little as possible with you, ideally wearing flip flops/slides, which are quick and easy for all ages to put on.

Ensure to read your information email which will be sent out to you a couple of days prior to starting classes with using, ensuring you know the times for drop off and collection as well as the correct door. Currently due to Covid 19 parents cannot enter the training centre so children are dropped and collected at the door to/from a coach.

Coaches will take a roll call at the door and guide the gymnasts inside where they will place all belongings neatly in a locker or on the bench and go onto the floor mats in preparation for warm up.


Sugarloaf Gymnastics is located in an industrial estate / business park. There are frequently trucks, vans and forklifts moving about making deliveries and moving stock within the other units. It is not a place for the following: dog walking, ball playing, skate boarding, roller blading / skating, scooters, bikes, running around / game playing, noise disturbances, children playing etc, these activities are not permitted by the management company. Playing on the green areas is not permitted, even with parental supervision.


Ensure hold your gymnasts hand / keep them close to you to avoid any accidents – children should not be running around corners unaccompanied. It is imperative that all of our gymnasts and their families are safe, to ensure this please comply with the above and please do not be offended if our staff ask for any of the above to be stopped.

Parking spaces in the business park are limited, each company has been assigned spaces for their customers. Our parking spaces are clearly labelled with signage, 6 to the front, 10 to the side, 2 to the back and the yellow box – use all spaces. If all spaces are taken, do a loop around until one becomes free and be aware if you park in the space of another company our staff will ask you to move your car. Please be very aware of other vehicles and people in the business park. Do not park in the spaces of AJ Products & PWL.

Look out for this signage - only park where you see these signs


For Health and Safety and for Child protection reasons, no gymnasts are to be dropped off more than 5 minutes ahead of class time without permission from staff. This also applies to other children – please do not leave them in the gym to watch, we cannot be responsible for them.  Arriving too early will cause congestion with parking. All gymnasts must also be picked up on time as our coaches have other classes to teach / the gym may be closing at the end of your childs class.

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