Term 2 will have 13 or 14 weeks (depending on your class day) and will follow these dates:

  • Monday classes: 14/11/22 – 27/2/22 no class: 6/2/23
  • Tuesday classes: 15/11/22 – 28/2/23 no class: see below
  • Wednesday classes: 16/11/22 – 1/3/23 no class:  see below
  • Thursday classes: 17/11/22 – 2/3/23 no class: see below
  • Friday classes: 18/11/22 – 4/3/23 no class:  see below
  • Saturday classes: 19/11/22 – 4/3/23 no class: 4/2/23

There are no classes running 19th Dec – 4th Jan inclusive.

Please make a note of these dates in your calendar, we will post reminders on our  social media pages.

Make sure to download our app, info has been sent to all members previously. It will clearly tell you the date of your next class so you will know if class is on or off. If class is off it will also clearly show on this calendar.