We have compiled the following information from frequently asked questions we receive from new members at Sugarloaf Gymnastics in order to help you be prepared ahead of your first day.

We are located at Unit C2 Network Enterprise Park, Kilcoole. When coming through Kilcoole village, continue down passed sea road. At Colaiste Craobh Abhann secondary school, take the left turn where there is a very large sign  labelled “Network Enterprise Park”, continue down the road and take the right turn into the business park. You can find us on Google Maps here.

Anyone continually breaching our parking rules will have their fee’s refunded and will no longer be eligible to attend class/camp.

Parking spaces in the business park are limited, each company has been assigned spaces for their customers. Our parking spaces are clearly labelled with signage, 6 to the front, 10 to the side, 2 to the back and the yellow box – use all spaces. If all spaces are taken, do a loop around until one becomes free and be aware if you park in the space of another company our staff will ask you to move your car. Please be very aware of other vehicles and people in the business park.


Look out for this signage - only park where you see these signs
Look out for this signage – only park where you see these signs

Sugarloaf Gymnastics is located in an industrial estate / business park. There are frequently trucks, vans and forklifts moving about making deliveries and moving stock within the other units. It is not a place for the following: dog walking, ball playing, skate boarding, roller blading / skating, scooters, bikes, running around / game playing, noise disturbances, children playing etc. Please hold your gymnasts hand / keep them close to you to avoid any accidents – children should not be running around corners unaccompanied. It is imperative that all of our gymnasts and their families are safe, to ensure this please comply with the above and please do not be offended if our staff ask for any of the above to be stopped. Failure to comply will result in termination of membership.

We recommend a leotard for girls, but this is not mandatory. Girls can wear leggings and a tshirt, hair must be tied back before coming to class. No jewellery is permitted. Boys can wear shorts, fitted tracksuit bottoms and a tshirt. Leotards can be found easily online – we recommend Quattro, Milano and The Zone. We also sell our own Sugarloaf Leotards which can be purchased in the gym.

Gymnasts should bring a drink to class, especially those in 2 hour and 3 hour classes. For camps gymnasts should bring a drink and small healthy snack – no popcorn and nothing containing peanuts are allowed. As pick up and drop off times are extremely busy, we recommend bringing as little as possible with you. Many of our members opt to bring flip flops to make things a little easier.

All classes & camps are drop and go, no parents/guardians are permitted to stay. It has been proven that a much better response from children is possible when a parent is not present. For Health and Safety and for Child protection reasons, no gymnasts are to be dropped off more than 5 minutes ahead of class time without permission from staff. This also applies to other children – please do not leave them in the gym to watch, we cannot be responsible for them.  Arriving too early will cause congestion with parking. All gymnasts must also be picked up on time as our coaches have other classes to teach / the gym may be closing at the end of your childs class.

On the first day of classes  – check your childs details with our coaches to ensure that we have them on our class lists. Place all belongings neatly in a locker or on the bench and go onto the floor mats in preparation for warm up. Parents can head off and leave the rest to our coaches. A roll call will be taken after warm up.

On the first day of camp – check your childs emergency contact number on the noticeboard. Place all belongings neatly in a locker or on the bench and go onto the floor mats in preparation for warm up.Parents can head off and leave the rest to our coaches who will be on hand to greet the gymnasts. A roll call is taken after warm up.

Upon booking a confirmation message will have come up on screen. A receipt of this is also emailed to you detailing what it is you have booked. The term dates are listed in the class description on the the website. These dates are also clearly marked in our calendar on the first day of term.  visit our calendar, select your class day and view the term dates here. Please make a note of these in your diaries, we do not send out reminders. Reminders will be given in class the week before, on the noticeboards in the gym and on our Facebook page. Consult the calendar regularly, especially at midterm breaks to check if your class is on.

If class is off, it will be stated in red, if class is on the box will be blank, we do not list every day that class is on.

The majority of communication from us will be via email, we advise not using a work email address as these tend to block our emails. We suggest saving sharon[@]sugarloafgymnastics.ie and jamie[@]sugarloafgymnastics.ie into your contacts otherwise our emails are likely to end up in your spam inbox. Payment information for our terms are sent via email.

We are frequently active on our Facebook Business Page posting reminders of dates off, news, camp and availability announcements. We recommend that you “like” our page

There are 2 opportunities to do this. The first is during the second term in the week leading up to Christmas. The second is at the end of June. Notification of this is generally given by note in class or via email.

Please understand that the beginning and end of terms are extremely busy for our admin team. We cannot respond to emails, texts, Facebook messages and phone calls asking for reminders of class times. All the information is easily accessible by logging into your Easy Payments Plus account:

A receipt is also emailed to you, please search your inbox.

No, we do not offer make up classes. All of our classes are fully booked.

We cannot facilitate discussion on a childs progress during class time. For info on your gymnast Drop us an email by clicking here – giving your child’s full name, class day, time and coach and we will get back to you.

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